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A long time without an update!

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Gosh!  I haven’t had a real chance to update in so long!  Life briefly took a not-so-great turn on the human side of things, but that’s been settled.  On the dog side, things are going beautifully.  Jack is more than fully recovered from his surgery.  In fact, Jack the Ripper has returned to our lives!  And he’s training an apprentice!  No stuffed animal is safe!


Those Might Dog toys just can’t handle it.  The little Hippo was done with in a matter of minutes…the large Chipmunk one took a few days at least. 🙂  That’s little brother Toby in the above picture, who has gleefully been learning the basics of stuffed-animal-destruction.  Little Brother Toby has also figured out that he can take Jack down by biting his front leg…which has led to some hilarious battles in the living room.

We’re hiking, swimming, and romping around like normal again.  I can hardly wait for the fall to come so we can really get out there.  We’re hoping to have a trip to the beach the first weekend of August – depends on hurricane season of course.  Jack loves to swim in the ocean.  Might need to get him a float coat of some kind – not sure if the waves will pose a problem.


We’re less than a week away from his two-month ampuversary!  I’m so thankful for his speedy recovery and to get back to a normal, happy life.  He steals the show now, whenever we go out, which really is the only change I notice. 😉

More pics to share:

Chewing a dental-bone is no problem, obviously.


Some play time below, after successful de-fluffing of the hippo.

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~ by Jack & Jill on July 19, 2012 .

3 Responses to “A long time without an update!”

  1.   princess Says:

    There is nothing like tearing up soft toys! Glad to hear he is doing well.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  2.   maximutt Says:

    Jack, you look great! I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well, and that you’re teaching your little bro the basics of stuffy destuffing! Can’t wait to see pictures from your beach adventures!!

  3.   jerry Says:

    Hey we’ve missed you! Nice to see you here again. I’m sorry that life’s been ruff, but hey, how long can you stay down when you’re in the middle of that kind of doggie chaos! What a pawty! Thanks for the smile, we send lots back to you too. Keep us posted!

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