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Pics to share!

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Tomorrow’s the big day.  I’m excited, nervous, and eager for it to be over.  I’ve already decided that I won’t go to visit Jack in the afternoon, even if his surgery is done and he’s recovered from anesthesia in time…I don’t want him to get excited to see me and then have to go back to the recovery pen to stay the night.  It was hard enough for both of us the first time.  But he’ll be back with me on Friday, hopefully, and if not that soon, then Saturday.  Friday can’t come soon enough.

Here’s a few pictures of my boy.  Thank you all for being so supportive…I definitely would not have been able to make this decision this easily without this community.

This was his picture on Petfinder.  How could anyone resist that?



That’s his best friend, Abbey (my boyfriend’s Dal).  You can really see how crooked his leg used to be.


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~ by Jack & Jill on May 24, 2012 .

5 Responses to “Pics to share!”

  1.   etgayle Says:

    well, jack is just ‘mr. handsome’!!! he is precious!!! just keep remembering this fear will pass, and jack will be fine. he will be so glad to see you when you pick him up to go home (i still remember gayle’s excitement), and after a couple of weeks he will be all healed and you will be enjoying a ‘new normal’. paws crossed for a speedy recovery!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Oh, Jack’s a de-stuffer! He’s a fine boy, then! That’s a knack we love around here!

    You’ve already been through some hard stuff with Jack so you’re ready for this. It will certainly look much more extreme than what has already happened, for sure. You’ll think he’s a shaved squirrel or something, but that’s temporary. He will pee (though you may worry about when) and poop (and you may worry even more about this) and his hair will grow back. As Charon said, your new normal will come. Keep us updated, please.


  3.   rizzobeans Says:

    Jack is a real cutie. And Abbey is pretty darn cute too. I’m sure your feeling anxious. I remember the feeling to this day. He will do great and once he gets all healed up it will be so worth it. I will be thinking about you guys the next couple days and praying all goes as planned.

    Suzie and Rizzo

  4.   cometdog Says:

    Oh My Dog! What an adorable guy!!!!

    I hope the surgery goes well! Please come over to the forums and introduce yourself!

    I, too had a crooked leg dog (birth defect). Don’t feel bad about trying to repair it. I would have too but I found out early on that hers didn’t have any sensation and the bones were missing joints.
    Please joing us at the forums and tell us how the surgery went.

    Lots of good thoughts coming your way and Jack’s!

  5.   AngelAbbysMom Says:

    He is SO damn cute! I wouldn’t have been able to resist him either. His face reminds me a wee bit of my beloved Abby girl.

    Cute cute.
    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

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